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3 Simple Actions That Could Considerably Damage Your Car

September 8, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Towing CompanyMost people think that ruining a car only involves lack of proper maintenance and rough driving practices, but they are mistaken. Despite the best routine maintenance, any of the following errors puts your car at risk. Moreover, could cost you thousands of dollars in repair.

Putting too much oil in the engine

Oil lubricates the engine, keeping it cool and enabling it to run smoothly. Inadequate oil starves the various engine components of lubrication, increasing the likelihood of overheating and a breakdown. Similarly, filling with too much oil presents a similar problem the oil penetrates the wrong parts of the engine. 

In the case of such an incident, do not switch on the engine as it could cause extensive damages. Rather, you should call a reliable Caboolture city towing company to take your car to the nearest garage for an oil drain. Again, check the oil levels regularly instead of waiting for dashboard warning light.

Failing to keep your electrical consoles dry

An open sunroof or window during the rain exposes the car’s interior to water damage. Water seeping into switches and dials on the car doors and dashboard could potentially cause trouble in the future. The same case applies to driving with your windows down after a rainstorm. Avoid driving in deep puddles as the water could penetrate the piston chamber, leading to severe engine damage.

Failing to consult the owner’s manual before jumpstarting the car

Failure to adhere to manufacturer’s recommendation when jumpstarting the car could damage your engine and stick you with hefty repair costs. Power surges, particularly in modern car models, could seriously harm the sensitive control boxes. Similarly, doing so can damage the immobilizer systems if the key is the ignition at the time of the electrical surge.

There are many ways to destroy your car without engaging in rough driving practices on the road. By avoiding these actions, you can keep it in a safe condition and lower your repair bills.