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After the Adventure: Importance of Maintenance after Off Road Driving

September 5, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

drivingWhether on mud, snow or sand, off-road driving brings out that inner thrill-seeker in everyone. The outback offers endless possibilities for adventures; do not get too engrossed with the adrenaline rush though, that you forget inspection and maintenance after the thrilling ride.

When the fun is over, there’s still work to do. Experts from Outback Equipment recommend the following to make sure your vehicle stays in good condition:

Clean the Vehicle

Wash the vehicle to get rid of the dust, mud, and other foreign elements. You may have picked up plant species in your trails; failing to clean your vehicle may cause the spread of invasive organisms in other locations. Also, you may miss leaks and other damages that need immediate repair if there is too much clutter. Inspections are easier if you can see all the vehicle parts clearly.

Check Tires

Inspect the tires and pressure immediately after the ride. Check if there are any signs of stress in the weld lines. Inflate them to avoid serious damages and difficulties in handling your vehicle the next time you use it.

Make sure to check the tire pressure the next day as well; often the pressure decreases when the air inside cools down. It’s also important to include in your inspection your spare tires. You never know, you may need it in your next ride.

See Suspension Components

See if there are signs of damage in the track bar, control arm, shocks and springs. Replace parts immediately if there are signs of wear to avoid driving performance issues. Pay close attention to joints and bearings as well, as these may need regreasing. Inspect the steering box and make sure that it is mounted properly.

Inspect Differential and Transmission

Scratches on differential covers are common when off road driving, but it’s important that these do not have leaks. Make sure that there are no leaks in the transmission as well. Water contamination often happens when you drive in deep waters; in these cases, you have to change the transmission fluid.

Inspection and maintenance are important after off road driving. Make sure to prioritise these tasks to keep your vehicle in good condition.