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An Insight into the Various Kinds of Auto Repair Shops

November 24, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Auto mechanic checking up on a carThere are two primary types of service your vehicle needs — maintenance and repair. Routine maintenance is essential to keep your car in excellent condition. Repairs are intended to fix problems.

Auto shops differ in the services, prices, and expertise they offer. One of the primary determinants of the garage you choose will be the auto mechanics who work there. They should be well qualified and have all the necessary credentials and licences. The second factor you need to consider is the category of the auto shop. Here are the different kinds of auto repair shops.

Independent Auto Shops

The degree and prices of servicing vary among different independently owned garages. These shops offer the most affordable auto services and commit themselves to providing the best auto services to their clients. They also give their clients more personalised services and build long-lasting customer relationships. The key to getting the most out of an independent garage is to work with a reputable shop with quality spare parts.

Specialty Auto Shops

These shops focus on a specific type of vehicle or repair service. Some of these shops only service exotic cars, for instance, or deal with brake servicing. They have superior knowledge of their area of specialty. They, however, charge more than independent garages for their services.


These are the auto shops from where you bought your car. For warranty repairs, dealerships are the best place to take your car. They are, however, costly for non-warranty auto service and repairs. At a dealership, you do not interact with the mechanic, but rather a salesman. At a dealership, therefore, you lack a personal relationship with the mechanic.

Look for a shop that has general liability insurance. This insurance covers any damage to your car while in the shop. The shop you settle for should also have the licence set by state and local regulations.