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Buying a Car? Know These Tips First

May 24, 2018, Author: Harold Stansberry

Buying a car, whether old or new, is both exciting and stressful. Constrained by a budget, you fight with your needs and wants. Preparation is key in knowing more about cars for sale in Auckland. But how should you start? Below are five things to consider before buying a car.

1. Research about the car

For used cars, take a rigorous review of its history. Check online databases that gather information from national agencies and insurance companies. For new cars, take advantage of many resources, both online and print, such as manufacturer websites, reviews and other specific analyses (i.e., safety ratings).

2. Take the car for a test drive

If you already chose a car you wish to buy, visit a dealership. Go behind the wheel and get a feel of what it is like to drive the car. Make sure you are comfortable.

If it is a used car, check the car intently. Scrutinise the interior upholstery. Check for rust or dirty parts. At best, take a test drive. See how the car performs.

3. Know the purchase price

What you purchase is the invoice price — the price the dealer pays to the manufacturer. It is the manufacturer’s (or seller’s if used car) suggested retail price (sticker price) plus profit for the dealer. Compared with second-hand cars, new cars often have a retail price that is closer to the invoice price.

4. Check for rebates

There are rebates available for buyers. Some rebates are not even publicly advertised. Some rebates come from an organisation you are part of (e.g., coupons). Make sure you have those rebates because some dealers, protecting a potential profit from a sale, do not disclose their availability.

5. Never buy on the first visit

The first visit, however exhaustive, should be purely to get accustomed to the car. Do not get carried away by the dealer’s sales talk. It is important to stay firm and objective and let them know you are not one to be fooled.

Buying a car is a difficult decision, with the wide range of options one has. With the proper knowledge, however, you can make this a less daunting task.