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The Best Off-Road Routes For a Unique Outback Road Trip

March 31, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

The best way to get around Australia is by way of off-road routes. These routes offer thrilling and awe-inspiring experiences that you will gladly remember for the rest of your life. Whether you want to take a shortcut or a long cut or satiate your hunger for extreme adventure, you can design your whole itinerary […]

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Save Your Lawn from Ruin by Observing Proper Mowing Guidelines

March 9, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Lawn problems are easy to avoid. Unfortunately, you may already be doing things wrong without knowing it. If you are mowing incorrectly, your yard is doomed. It is only a matter of time before everything goes to ruin. Not mowing is not the answer First, you must realise that no matter what kind of grass […]

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Defensive Driving: Safety on the Road

February 9, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Defensive driving saves lives, time and money. It is a form of training for drivers to reduce the risk of accidents. With this training, drivers learn to anticipate dangerous situations despite different adverse conditions. Western Bay Driving says that each year, 400 people die on New Zealand’s roads. Defensive driving courses teach drivers to be […]

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3 Important Car Parts: When Do You Need to Replacement Them?

January 22, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Knowing when to replace car parts is essential to keep it safe and running smoothly. That’s why regular maintenance is important for long-term car health. This is also beneficial, so you could know if there are any problems and prevent them from causing trouble that may require you to get an engine replacement. Here are three major […]

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Services Offered By Truck Repair Companies

November 15, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Idaho truck repair companies are known for their full service repair facilities, which offer quite a number of repairs including; ABS system repairs, external and internal repairs, transmission and clutch repairs, tire repairs, electrical repairs and computer diagnostics. They also give towing services, in case your truck breaks down and you need it to be […]

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The Dangers of Aquaplaning and How You Can Avoid It

October 19, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Aquaplaning, also referred to as hydroplaning, happens when water between the road and your tyres won’t come off fast enough. This water layer accumulates in front of your tyres. Once the water pressure exceeds that of the tyre pressure on the road, your tyres will lose contact with the surface. Because of this traction loss, […]

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After the Adventure: Importance of Maintenance after Off Road Driving

September 5, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Whether on mud, snow or sand, off-road driving brings out that inner thrill-seeker in everyone. The outback offers endless possibilities for adventures; do not get too engrossed with the adrenaline rush though, that you forget inspection and maintenance after the thrilling ride. When the fun is over, there’s still work to do. Experts from Outback […]

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Guidelines for Renting A Car For Your Next Trip

August 12, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Transportation will always be a vital concern for long-distance trips. You want yours to be pleasant, without any unfortunate incidents. It helps to rent a car at a reasonable rate. To choose the best car, consider the following: Assess Your Needs Get a car that answers all your travel requirements. Consider the number of people […]

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Don’t Settle: Getting the Best Selling Price for Used Cars

August 8, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

No matter the memories you have with your beloved car, there comes a point when you need to part ways with it. As hard as it is to let go of your car and its sentimental value, it could be harder if you cannot sell it at the highest price possible. By following these tips, […]

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Toothless No More Says National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Changes are in the horizon as the United States auto watchdog, which received criticisms for having little effect in ensuring safety in American roads. The emergence of a new leader spelled a radical change as the establishment is now showing some fight in it. Sitting as the new leader of the National Highway Traffic Safety […]