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Clever Ways to Turn Your Old Car into Something Useful

May 16, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

It’s old and big, and disposing of it can be tricky. You cannot just leave it out front for garbage collectors to take. You cannot step on it to flatten it. Does it mean your car has to take up space in your garage forever?

Hit two birds with one stone by thinking of clever ways to repurpose or remove that vehicle from your property, so it doesn’t take up space. These are your options:

As Donation

yellow old rusty carIf your goal is to get rid of the car altogether, look for charities that accept it as a donation. You do not get a cash reimbursement, but you may get a tax cut from the good deed. This is not something unusual; you’ll be surprised to see how many individuals are donating their cars to charity instead of just keeping them unused in their garage.

As Shelves

You don’t have to take the vehicle somewhere far if you’re just concern about it sitting there unused. It can be laid against a wall with the seats used as shelves or other furniture pieces. It’s a creative way to use something that you’ve always had, and the result looks beautiful and elegant. Support the car with a strong cable to keep it sturdy and to prevent accidents.

As Planters

Using cars as shelves means you can take it inside the house. If you’d rather leave it outside, however, it will do nicely as a bed for your growing plants. Watch as the spaces are filled with earth and sprouts, and in time there will be flowers turning your old junk into the highlight of your backyard. Remove the tires beforehand and use them as swings or other parts of the garden to maximize every part of the vehicle.

It’s always hard to dispose of big items in the house. Find ways to turn them into something meaningful so you’ll gain something without losing anything.