Road to Ruin

Crucial Mistakes That Make Drivers a Danger on the Road

August 11, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Drivers MistakesDriving is a thrilling experience that spans over a lifetime. While many drivers spend time practicing, others could not be bothered. The latter group has nothing but disdain for other road users, especially those who obey the traffic laws and are mindful of other road users. They engage in all manners of dangerous driving and pose a grave danger to themselves and others on the road.

Here are some mistakes that contribute to over 90% of the avoidable road traffic accidents in the country:

Heavy feet

Efficient driving revolves in a familiar mantra — light on the brakes and light on the accelerator. Unfortunately, this style of driving does not hold much appeal to thrill seekers, especially the young ones who favor faster speeds. They tend to be heavy on the gas and breaks, transforming their cars into certain death traps. Aside from mortal dangers, rough driving degrades any car by increasing wear and tear on its major parts like the engine, shock absorbers, and tires. Poor vehicle condition increases the likelihood of an accident, so don't be too hard on your vehicle.

Use of uncertified garages

JMC Equipment noted that a certified garage facility offers reliable services and in most instances, features a premium price tag that some motorists would rather avoid. As such, they tend to seek out the services of a less capable garage with lower charges.

Facilities with challenger auto lifts, for instance, provide a full range of service without causing additional damage to the car. Hoisting a car on unstable makeshift platforms endangers the car and the mechanic’s life. Poor servicing routine means frequent breakdowns and as a result, the vehicle poses a danger to other road users.

Many of the accidents in the country are avoidable and are a result of reckless drivers who engage in dangerous practices. Road safety entails mindfulness on the road, follow the rules.