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Don’t Give Your Car Bumpers Less Credit Than They Deserve

September 1, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News


Damages to automobile bumpers are some of the most common forms of vehicular dings and dents. While some people may look at bumper damages as an aesthetic issue, these go beyond that. Driving a car with a dented bumper is not necessarily a cause of penalty, but it can bring more serious risks than what you would expect.

More Than Just Aesthetic Issues

While modern bumpers use metal materials, they’re not entirely made of it. Because of their construction, they are more prone to severe damage than many other parts of a vehicle. Repair experts from Breen Panelbeaters say bumper damage can come in the form of scuffs, holes, punctures, scratches, cracks, dents and others.

However, that does not strip them of their primary function, which is to act as an impact or shock absorber in case of a crash or a collision. So when your bumper’s not in good condition, it puts you, the other passengers and your car at greater risk.

More Reasons for Prompt Bumper Repairs

Aside from ensuring your safety as well as the well-being of your passengers, having the bumper repaired promptly reduces the potential of more expensive charges if you get into another accident. Prompt repairs also protects your car’s minor and major components from any structural or integrity-related damages.

Choosing the Right Repair Facility

When choosing a shop offering bumper repairs, take the time to look at your options. Making the mistake of selecting a repair service just because it claims to be the best or the cheapest can lead to you ending up with a poorly fixed bumper — or worse,  an incorrectly installed replacement part.

Choose a trusted and reputable bumper repair service provider so you can rest easy knowing they can fix damages to this protective feature of your vehicle. And when you purchase a new vehicle, select a model with a bumper that passes safety tests.