Road to Ruin

Here Are 3 Things to Do Immediately After a Car Breakdown

February 12, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Beautiful lady checking the hood of her carIf you’ve owned a car for some time now, then you’re no stranger to roadside emergencies and car breakdowns. When your car develops a problem on the highway, knowing how to respond to the situation can save you and other road users a lot of trouble.

Here are three appropriate ways to react to car breakdowns so you don’t put anyone in danger.

Get help

As soon as you notice that your car has started developing problems while you’re driving, then pull over safely. You need to think about people who can assist you. It always helps if you have the contact information of a dependable Auckland mobile mechanic.

Use your cell phone to inform them where you are so they can reach you quickly and repair your car on the spot.

Stay inside your car

When your car breaks down, it’s advisable to stay inside the vehicle and make sure you fasten your seatbelt. This is especially important if your car broke down in the middle of the road where it’s not safe to get out because of the oncoming traffic.

Make sure you lock your doors and windows and wait for the help you requested to arrive.

If you have to exit the car, stay safe

When you feel the need to exit the car for whatever reason, then do so with a lot of precaution. First of all, wear a high visibility vest if you have one. Then use the passenger’s side.

Should there be a sign that it’s not yet safe to exit, then stay put. And never attempt to stand on or cross the road if it’s busy. Your safety comes first.

Even with the best preparation for car breakdowns, your car will still decide to cause problems at the most convenient of times. When that happens, reacting the right way can save your life and the lives of everyone else using the road.