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Know Your Dream Car’s True Value

November 14, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

A man has just purchased a car from a dealerGet Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Like buying a home, there are mixed feelings involved in buying a car, especially if it's your first car. In Jacksonville, which is by far the busiest vehicle port in the US, many first-time car buyers look into used or pre-owned car dealers not only to save on costs but also to have as many options as possible.

The Deal Maker

The used car dealers have a fleet with various brands, type and price range for Jacksonville residents. Used car dealers help you drive home your dream Audi coupe for a budget fit for a Ford family sedan. Likewise, the cost of car ownership for a pre-owned car is also lower as most states do not charge sales tax anew for used vehicles.
Used cars can be bought easily – from a friend or relative, an online seller, or a trusted dealer. The real deal maker is the price you are offered.

Ways to Get a Used Car's True Value

While one can never really know the accurate worth of a used car to evaluate if the asking price is fair, used car dealers should be able to provide you with the true value of your pick based on known valuation principles. These are the basic ones.
Current retail value – Market value based on the vehicle’s year of manufacture, the make and model.
Retail value – Market value less the cost of repair and maintenance incurred by the dealer.
Trade-in value – the quoted price of the vehicle owner who wants to sell the car. 
As a simple rule, the true value of a used car is the average of the retail value (dealer quote) and the trade-in value (seller quote). There are also used car true value calculators available online from respected car dealer organizations or groups.
Knowing the true value of your chosen used car is a good skill to master to save you from rip-offs and overpricing by unscrupulous sellers. Ask your trusted used car dealer in Jacksonville to help you obtain a fair and transparent valuation.