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Don’t Settle: Getting the Best Selling Price for Used Cars

August 8, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

No matter the memories you have with your beloved car, there comes a point when you need to part ways with it. As hard as it is to let go of your car and its sentimental value, it could be harder if you cannot sell it at the highest price possible. By following these tips, […]

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Battle of the Wheels — Forged Alloys vs. Cast Alloys

August 4, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Should you go with forged or cast alloy wheels? When choosing between these two, keep in mind that the product’s strength doesn’t just depend on the type of metal. Rather, it depends on the manufacturing process, which in this case is either forged or cast. Basic Difference Between Forged and Cast Alloy Wheels Cast alloy […]

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Transport Trends: The High Demand for Removal Trucks

August 1, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

In Australia, there are few railways, so most people travel by road. The trucking industry thrives in the country, with freight or bulk forwarding getting a big share of the market. It is projected that freight transporting will rise in demand annually until it reaches its peak by 2029. Learn more about this industry to […]

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DIY CarPainting: Remember These Things before You Start

June 25, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

For beginners, painting a car can be difficult. You cannot get that smooth, shiny finish when you have no prior knowledge. It pays to learn how to paint a car properly, especially if you want to save on expenses. Follow these steps, develop the skill and it will be easy to repaint it next time: […]

By The Numbers

U.S. Auto Industry on Its Way to Deliver 17 Million Vehicles

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Sales during May will prompt American auto manufacturers to reach the 17 million milestone – a level of production not seen since 2001. Forecasts said that about 1.59 million vehicles would hit dealerships and be sold for the month of June. The number is down 1% from the figures last year, but when compounded, the […]

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Toothless No More Says National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Changes are in the horizon as the United States auto watchdog, which received criticisms for having little effect in ensuring safety in American roads. The emergence of a new leader spelled a radical change as the establishment is now showing some fight in it. Sitting as the new leader of the National Highway Traffic Safety […]

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Lewis Hamilton Denied Victory in Monaco, Rosberg Takes 3rd Win of the Year

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Lewis Hamilton was poised to claim his first victory in Monaco since his championship year in 2008. Max Verstappen, however, crashed and lead to Hamilton losing his momentum. In the end, Nico Rosberg, Mercedes teammate and his greatest rival, claimed his third win of the season to cut the champion’s leader to 10 points. Momentum […]

Living the Dream

The Domination of Tomac

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Last week, motocross enthusiasts and average supporters witnessed greatness. The runaway win by one of the most skilled drivers today, Eli Tomac, gave a show to everyone present during the opening round of the Lucas Oil AMA Pro Motocross. Proving that such victory was no fluke, he notched up another win at Glen Helen Raceway. […]

Road to Ruin

Better Rules for Indy 500

June 17, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Leading to this year’s Indy 500, Ed Carpenter had all the momentum he needed to get another win. Two wins in the last two years made him the overwhelming favorite to claim the Borg-Warner Trophy for a third time in as many years. Instead, he got a massive flip during the warm-up, ending his historic […]