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These Symptoms Tell You That Your Car Needs Repairs

December 27, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

As a car owner, you know just how important your ride is to your everyday life. You use it multiple times a day, twice at the very least, whether to travel to and fro work or school. It gives you the freedom that commuters can’t enjoy with public transportation, while also providing utmost convenience and […]

Living the Dream

Wrapping Your Yacht for Beauty and Protection

December 1, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

We all have this urge to personalize all the things we own. From simple things like smartphones to great properties like a yacht, we want them to stand out from the rest and be their proud owners. This is why yacht wrapping is worth considering if you want to level up your recreational boat’s design. What […]

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Things to Consider when Selecting Boat Lifts

November 30, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Investing in a boat lift is arguably the wisest decision a boat owner can ever make. Boat lifts can keep your boat out of water for an extended period, which prevents premature corrosion, the growth of algae, and blistering. It also prevents damage that could be caused by strong winds. Discussed below are some important […]

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Australia Ranks 7th Worldwide in Terms of Car Ownership

November 27, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Australians own more cars than those in the U.K., Canada and Japan, as the Asia-Pacific country ranks seventh in terms of vehicle ownership in the world, according to the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers (OICA). OICA data revealed that there are 718 cars for every 1,000 Australians. This indicated that owning a car is […]

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An Insight into the Various Kinds of Auto Repair Shops

November 24, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

There are two primary types of service your vehicle needs — maintenance and repair. Routine maintenance is essential to keep your car in excellent condition. Repairs are intended to fix problems. Auto shops differ in the services, prices, and expertise they offer. One of the primary determinants of the garage you choose will be the […]

Road to Ruin

Understanding the Cost of a Motor Vehicle Crash

November 22, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Ever remember that sickening feeling in the aftermath of witnessing a vehicular accident due to lost brakes? It is terrifying to think of such an event, especially if it has happened to you. Precautions should be taken to prevent it from happening. For example, you should let a professional check and service your brakes in Salt […]

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Top HVAC Upgrades to Improve Indoor Air Quality

November 16, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

In some settings, indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air. These include odors, moisture, and allergens along, with other air pollutants that accumulate to dangerous levels over time. An HVAC system can help improve the quality of your indoor air. Many HVAC companies in Harrisburg, PA offer superior quality systems. Industry experts agree that there are some system […]

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Why You Need Specialists for Your Luxury Car

November 15, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

There is a certain romance to a high-performance car. Certain European carmakers like Audi and Mercedes Benz are a cut above the rest, and these brands often offer you the luxury car of your dreams. But you should find the right mechanics who could help you maintain your dream vehicle. European Cars It is easy […]

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4 Ways to Prevent Engine Misfires for Your Car

November 14, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Cars are among the most powerful machines that humankind has created. Until a century ago, it was almost unimaginable for people to drive their own transportation from one point to another. The invention of engines has played a crucial role in this development. Now, engines are still just as important as ever. Engines, however, are […]

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Know Your Dream Car’s True Value

November 14, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car Like buying a home, there are mixed feelings involved in buying a car, especially if it's your first car. In Jacksonville, which is by far the busiest vehicle port in the US, many first-time car buyers look into used or pre-owned car dealers not only to […]