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The Perfect Machine: Every Car-Lover’s Discerning Criteria

March 22, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Car Enthusiast in PerthToday, cars have become more than just machines of personal convenience to people. They went beyond just a means to transport men and material from point A to point B. With automobiles being largely available to the public, they have become personal property. In that way, cars have become their owners’ way of self-expression – a solid reflection of themselves in many ways. A modern extension of their personalities, fancies and as some would say, obsessions.

For car enthusiasts in Perth and beyond, the car they ride in must be perfectly suited to their tastes. They spend time and money assembling, customising and maintaining their cars to meet this goal. This said, here are the three main criteria they subject their pet machines to.


A car is first and foremost a machine. It is built with a function in mind and in this case, to serve as personal transport. This said, a car is not very useful if it cannot run. Like a computer, cars have functional specifications such as fuel economy, transmission type, maximum speed, et cetera. For car owners, this takes top priority. Depending on their wants, they can have a smooth easy-going ride for city driving to growling 4WDs with tyres as tough as they get for cross-country driving, according to RICHARD’S TYREPOWER.


Perhaps a superficial criterion, but a fundamental criterion nonetheless. Cars are the owner’s property, and hence subject to his personal touches. Cars can be considered as an extension of the driver’s personality, fancies and quirks. Car owners can be very meticulous about their car’s appearance everywhere from paint color scheme, window tinting, to added stickers and accessories. While they may get cars as they come out of the factory, nothing stops them from customising it in the automobile shops.


Drivers spend a lot of time inside their cars manning the machine. An important reason why they alter their car is the comfort it affords them. Everywhere from seat adjustments to air conditioning, car owners pay attention to the conditions inside their car not just for themselves but for the other people who ride in it. Cars are sometimes sent to the automobile shops to make the interiors more ergonomic for the passengers. A comfortable ride is a good ride.

Cars are open canvasses for car-owners. It is up to their minds to make masterpieces out of them but know that they operate under very common criteria.