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Safely Have Your BendPak Lift Installed with the Help of Pros

September 15, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Car LiftCar lifts make every automotive-project easier and more efficiently done. Through these pieces of equipment, mechanics and car owners no longer have the use for jacks and jack stands. These tools also eliminate the risks of injuries, such as those that come from squeezing under the vehicle or bending over. All in all, they are really useful and beneficial tools.

And much thanks to the ever-increasing demand for them, especially for the BendPak lifts, their prices have dropped. However, before you go and buy one, it is important you understand the importance of professional BendPak lift installation.

Various Types to Choose From

In addition to having a lift installed by a professional, it is also important for you to understand the different types of BendPak lifts. Two of its most common types of automotive lifts include the two-post and the four-post. In many cases, though, you will find the four-post lifts in many shops, because of all the features that they have to offer. Aside from boasting of almost the same characteristics as the two-post lifts, the four-post version ones come with a lot more features.

Other Types of Lifts for Your Picking

In addition to the two-post and four-post BendPak automotive lifts, the brand also specializes in other types of lifts. These include the Parking Lifts, Alignment Lifts, 4-Post Bridge Jacks, QuickJacks, and Specialty Car Lifts.

Parking Lifts

Parking lifts make it possible for parking garages to maximize the space they have. They also boast of a small footprint and come in both single and side by side units. They can easily double parking capacities, perfect for both residential and commercial garages.

These lifts make life easier for projects and for parking, so consider investing in one as soon as possible.