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Save Your Lawn from Ruin by Observing Proper Mowing Guidelines

March 9, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Proper Mowing in AucklandLawn problems are easy to avoid. Unfortunately, you may already be doing things wrong without knowing it. If you are mowing incorrectly, your yard is doomed. It is only a matter of time before everything goes to ruin.

Not mowing is not the answer

First, you must realise that no matter what kind of grass is growing in your yard, it will continue to grow if you do not cut it occasionally. You are looking at a height of anywhere from 10-60 centimetres (4-24 inches) tall. This means you have to cut grass or your property will not look very presentable. If you do nothing, the grass will also thicken and it will harbor populations of insects and small animals Whether it’s commercial or residential mowing activity, the main goal is to maintain grass at the proper height so that the property looks cared for and welcoming.

Mowing 101

When you cut grass, you are pruning it. Pruning boosts the density of the lawn, but only if you cut no more than a third of the blade. Close mowing may injure the crown, and this will prevent new growth. If you cut too close to the crown you will also be risking poor nutrition, along with decreased ability of the grass to generate its food.

Professional grass cutters take care to cut the grass to its proper height, and if you decide to cut your own lawn, you have to observe this practice as well. Aside from the abovementioned consequences of scalping, the weeds will have a better chance of growing because more sunlight reaches them. Remember that cutting grass properly also discourages the growth of weeds.

Lastly, do not mow long overgrown grass at one time. You have to give the plants time to recover after the first cutting. Mow a third of the grass and then resume the activity after four days, three at the least. Just take care that you observe the proper height for the species of grass you have in your property.