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Is It Time for a Tune-Up? The Signs Your Car Needs One

May 24, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Conducting regular car maintenance is one of the ways to ensure your auto is operating at peak performance. Getting an engine tune-up once in a while is one of the maintenance practices that you should conduct to minimise the number of times you visit your mechanic for car repairs. But, how often should you schedule […]

By The Numbers

The 3-Step Process to Vehicle Wraps

April 17, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Most businesses may be shifting to the Internet for their marketing strategies, but it doesn’t mean the traditional ones are not working anymore. In 2017, outdoor advertising grew 1.2 percent in revenue. It earned $7.7 billion. In other words, contrary to popular belief, traditional advertising is not yet dead. One of the successful techniques is vehicle wraps in […]

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What You Can Do If You Witness a Car Accident

January 23, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Imagine this scenario: you’re walking to your office or driving by when a car accident occurs. What do you do? Presence of mind is crucial in emergency situations. Follow these basic steps to provide as much help as possible. Call the authorities You need to call the police and an ambulance service when someone is […]

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Challenger Auto Lifts Operation: Safety Rules to Live By

July 12, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Implementing safe practices for using vehicle lifts is critical; not only for the safety of everyone in the workplace, but for the vehicle supported mid-air and the overall success of your operations. With this mind, experts recommend that lift operators should be aware of the following safety advice when using a challenger auto lift: If […]

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Trailer Tune-Up: The Checklist for the First-Time Owner

June 3, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

You’ve finally purchased your first trailer and you can’t wait to try it out. But, you should make sure it will not fail you during your long-haul journey. While you’re still not a professional trailer road driver, here are some pointers you can easily apply. Provision and Emergency Kits – If you’re going to travel […]

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Need a Car Mechanic? Here are Tips To Find One That You can Trust

April 28, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

You’ve probably heard of an incidence where your friend or family took their car to an amateur auto mechanic and ended up with a damaged car and extra expenses on top. Finding a trustworthy, professional mechanic can be difficult especially with the influx of auto repair shops in the market. Fortunately, you can avoid all […]

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Car Maintenance: Know What Parts Frequently Need Replacement

April 5, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Proper car maintenance involves replacing damaged parts as soon as you can. Or else, you will just end up damaging the other components of your vehicle. There are many different factors that affect the life of Mitsubishi parts, including its year, make and model, where you drive, how many miles you put on your ride […]

Road to Ruin

The Similarities Between Contaminated Water and Polluted Air

February 13, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Air and water share many similarities. In relation to people, no one can survive without either one of these. It wouldn’t be possible in any measure. More than that, both products have oxygen in it, a vital element that keeps the human body moving and breathing. The good thing is that these two are very […]

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Things to Check When You’re Buying a Used Car

January 23, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

As compared to when you’re purchasing a new one, buying a used car requires a lot more consideration. For one, most secondhand vehicles involve thorough evaluation to ensure the car of your choice is properly working and will not let you down while you’re on the road. Doing this demands a lot of patience and […]

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3 Important Car Parts: When Do You Need to Replacement Them?

January 22, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Knowing when to replace car parts is essential to keep it safe and running smoothly. That’s why regular maintenance is important for long-term car health. This is also beneficial, so you could know if there are any problems and prevent them from causing trouble that may require you to get an engine replacement. Here are three major […]