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4 Tell-Tale Signs Your Car Needs a Visit to the Mechanic

May 9, 2018, Author: Harold Stansberry

Most car owners treat their vehicles like a baby. After all, despite not sending them to school, a car is something you have to take care of and give attention and maintenance that it deserves to keep them working. Pretty much like your own child. Therefore, as a car owner, it’s also important to know […]

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Car Lift Tips for New Business Owners

March 2, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Car lifts are an important aspect of every automobile-oriented business. Whether you’re into designing or cleaning services, here are some tips to bear in mind when buying car lifts. Start with car capacity Challenger car lift choices make it possible for you to get a unit that’s versatile weight-wise, according to JMC Equipment. This means that […]

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These Symptoms Tell You That Your Car Needs Repairs

December 27, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

As a car owner, you know just how important your ride is to your everyday life. You use it multiple times a day, twice at the very least, whether to travel to and fro work or school. It gives you the freedom that commuters can’t enjoy with public transportation, while also providing utmost convenience and […]

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Emergency on the Road: 5 Things You Should Do When Your Car Breaks Down

January 25, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Unexpected engine breakdown right in the middle of nowhere can certainly ruin your mood for a road trip. If ever this happens to you, you should know how to quickly deal with it. So, to prepare you from breakdowns while travelling, here are some of the things you need to do. Don’t Panic The moment […]