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Is It Time for a Tune-Up? The Signs Your Car Needs One

May 24, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Conducting regular car maintenance is one of the ways to ensure your auto is operating at peak performance. Getting an engine tune-up once in a while is one of the maintenance practices that you should conduct to minimise the number of times you visit your mechanic for car repairs. But, how often should you schedule […]

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Crossing Over: Combining Car and SUV Best Features

November 9, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

There was a time when people only drove an SUV if they had to drive over a rough road all the time. The SUV is a specialty vehicle with a much higher ground clearance and bigger tyres to enable the driver to traverse the roads less travelled. The age of the Escalades The SUV somehow became […]

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Things to Check When You’re Buying a Used Car

January 23, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

As compared to when you’re purchasing a new one, buying a used car requires a lot more consideration. For one, most secondhand vehicles involve thorough evaluation to ensure the car of your choice is properly working and will not let you down while you’re on the road. Doing this demands a lot of patience and […]

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3 Important Car Parts: When Do You Need to Replacement Them?

January 22, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Knowing when to replace car parts is essential to keep it safe and running smoothly. That’s why regular maintenance is important for long-term car health. This is also beneficial, so you could know if there are any problems and prevent them from causing trouble that may require you to get an engine replacement. Here are three major […]

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How Safety Barriers Protect You from Harm’s Way

December 18, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

No matter how hard you try, you can’t downplay the importance of a vigorous information campaign to educate pedestrians and drivers on the importance of road safety. A speeding car is like one big speeding bullet – unstoppable and exceedingly lethal. Yet, because of this, the presence of vehicle restraint systems can never be overemphasized. […]

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Auto Aesthetic: Keeping Your Vehicle Dent-Free

November 28, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Most people treat their cars as one of their most treasured possessions. They keep it safe in a garage, which serves as the vehicle’s shelter. Car owners also typically schedule regular clean-up and frequent maintenance in an effort to keep the vehicle spotless and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, owners are also very careful not to get […]

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An Emergency Kit is a Must When Going on Long Drives

September 9, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Even with a vehicle in good condition, breakdowns or accidents may happen while you’re driving around long roads in Brisbane. It may happen when you least expect it.  While not wishing for any harm, it wouldn’t hurt to be prepared. And as part of this preparation, see to it that you have an emergency kit […]

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The Bigger the Wheels, the Bigger the Risks

September 5, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Most of the time, car owners aren’t satisfied with the standard appearance of their newly-bought vehicles, so they look for ways to make them exclusively theirs. One of the simplest ways to add individuality to a car is by giving it a new set of wheels. The most popular choice for many car owners are […]

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Don’t Settle: Getting the Best Selling Price for Used Cars

August 8, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

No matter the memories you have with your beloved car, there comes a point when you need to part ways with it. As hard as it is to let go of your car and its sentimental value, it could be harder if you cannot sell it at the highest price possible. By following these tips, […]