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The 3-Step Process to Vehicle Wraps

April 17, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Most businesses may be shifting to the Internet for their marketing strategies, but it doesn’t mean the traditional ones are not working anymore. In 2017, outdoor advertising grew 1.2 percent in revenue. It earned $7.7 billion. In other words, contrary to popular belief, traditional advertising is not yet dead.

One of the successful techniques is vehicle wraps in Dallas, Texas. In this advertising strategy, a professional covers a part or the entire vehicle with marketing material. It can be a slogan or a business name with an accompanying logo.

If you’re interested to do it for your business, here are the steps you can follow:

1. Work with professionals

Online, you’ll find dozens of DIY tutorials on how to add, for example, vinyl wraps on the vehicles. You can do it, but it’s risky. Worse, it can lead to costly mistakes including damage to the exterior of the car.

Professionals have not only the experience but also the education. They learn how to design and attach these wraps on the vehicles with precision. Moreover, they have insurance, which can cover any possible damage that may occur.

2. Decide on the design

The first stage is planning, and it’s usually the longest due to design. You cannot have everything you want. Rather, you consider a variety of factors. These include advertising laws, size of the vehicle, marketing objectives, and costs. It can also affect the length of production and application. For example, full wraps can take at least three days.

3. Track your conversions

This one is the hardest to do since there’s no single method of calculating your conversions. The easiest is to conduct an informal survey of new clients, asking where they learned about the business. Industry experts, though, consider it a good cost of investment with excellent returns.

Vehicle wraps are a good option when you want a low-cost but effective method of promoting a business. They reduce the time you spend with active marketing but create a strong impact on its target market.