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The Best Off-Road Routes For a Unique Outback Road Trip

March 31, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Road TripThe best way to get around Australia is by way of off-road routes. These routes offer thrilling and awe-inspiring experiences that you will gladly remember for the rest of your life. Whether you want to take a shortcut or a long cut or satiate your hunger for extreme adventure, you can design your whole itinerary around these thrilling off-road routes.

Golden Quest Discovery Trail

The Golden Quest Discovery Trail is one of the most famous long-distance four-wheel drive routes pined for by every off-road driving enthusiast in the world. It’s the best way to get from Western Australia to the Northern Territory. The route covers John Holland Track, Gunbarrel Highway and the iconic Canning Stock Route, which features infinite awe-inspiring desert views.

This route is also the gateway to many accommodation and dining amenities that you can’t find anywhere else. Along the way, you will drive through rich and vibrant indigenous lands and private farms, hotels and holiday parks.

Tanami Road from Broome to Alice Springs

The Tanami Road is the quickest way to get to Alice Springs, the largest town in the Northern Territory, from Broome, Kimberley via the Great Northern Highway. This route offers a thrilling road trip where you can witness the sceneries change, from deep blue beaches to animating bush lands and down to immense sun-drenched deserts. This route is extra challenging, so make sure you stock up on emergency supplies, repair tools, and an off-road vehicle equipped with LED light bars for additional safety.

The Outback Way: Perth to Cairns

For an ultimate, thrilling not-so-short shortcut to the outback, you can take the Outback Way, the granddaddy of all shortcuts, stretching an immense 4615 kilometres from Perth to Cairns. It gives you access to the scenic red dirt roads such as the Plenty Highway and the Great Central Road, which is where you will witness the Uluru, the iconic sandstone monolith, the heart of the Red Centre desert.

Spirit of the Outback

If you’re not extremely confident about your rough road driving skills, and if you don’t want to rent a 4WD service, you can travel via the Spirit of the Outback, the iconic railway express that will take you from Queensland to Longreach.

Being onboard the Spirit of the Outback affords spectacular views and a unique social atmosphere. It may not be as “off-road,” but it still affords the same view of the immense rugged beauty the outback has to offer. It would be nice to also explore the outback in luxurious comfort and style.

There are plenty of other ways to get to the outback from different locations throughout Australia. They all offer thrilling and scenic routes, each one holding a distinct charm and offering a unique experience. The best part is they will all get you