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The Types of Tires Suitable for Specific Vehicles

March 27, 2018, Author: Harold Stansberry

Man inspecting tireThe current environment, type of vehicle, and cost of the tires are among the primary determinants of the kind of tires you purchase. Since tires are not something you buy daily, due diligence is necessary to ensure you get the best ones.

The fastest and most efficient way of grouping the tires is by first identifying your vehicle type. After identifying the categories suitable for your vehicle, tire expert Armstrong Tire states you can then determine the best and longest lasting tire option for you depending on your needs.

Here are vehicle types and their recommended tire options.

Passenger Vehicles: Minivans, CUVs, and Sedans

Tires for these vehicles are engineered such that they have minimal noise, a smooth ride, a lasting tread life, and all-season traction. In that case, experts recommend the grand touring and all season touring tire categories.

However, while most cars in this passenger-touring segment blend in well with these tire types, some vehicles might be enhanced for higher performance. If so, then you shall require higher performing tires.

Trucks and SUVs

You separate SUV and truck tires by the unique uses of both vehicle types. If you love a smooth ride with long-lasting treads, then highway tires are the way to go.

However, if you are looking for ones with more aggressive tread patterns, which also has strong traction and can handle pavement edges, then all terrain is a way to go.

Other options include trail or all-purpose, mud terrain, sports truck, or ribbed tires.

Specialty Tires

You do not only use tires on vehicles and trucks, and as such, you might find yourself requiring specialty tires. It could be that you need tires for your go-cart and lawn mower, or you need a replacement for your spare tire. Other specialty tires include horse trailer tires, golf cart dressing tires, and garden tires.

The above guide combined with professional help at the tire store should get you your desired and durable tires. While at it, ensure you get simple maintenance procedures to ensure your tires are working at optimum conditions.