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Things to Know About Engine Reconditioning

October 1, 2015, Author: Tru Motor News

Engine ReconditioningAutomotive engines are machines, and at some point, the whole thing or parts of it will break down due to wear and tear.  You don’t have to ditch the vehicle when there are engine problems. A mechanic can help determine whether reconditioning the engine is the cost-effective option, or buying a brand new or a used car is better.

Reconditioned engines mean there are parts that have been replaced either with slightly used or brand new parts to get it running smoothly again.

Visual Inspection

Whether you’re doing the reconditioning yourself or having a shop do the job, the first thing needed is to do a visual inspection of the engine before disassembling it. Are there leaking fluids that could be affecting connections and joints between components? Check for signs of overheating and scorched or cracked block.

The engine’s external components should be part of the close inspection. Sometimes, the distributor is loose or the alternator belt is worn out. An engine is made of several parts and one or more of these may have been damaged or broken down, which will require reconditioning.

Check the Make and Model

Car manufacturers keep coming out with new car models almost on a yearly basis. While they retain most of the parts, there are innovations so the sizes or shapes may vary. When reconditioning an engine, be sure to correctly identify the engine to find the correct replacements. The year, make and model, as well as the VIN number, is required to know the perfect part match.

Piecemeal or Entire Rebuild

Reconditioning piecemeal is the more cost-efficient choice if the problem with the car’s engine is with individual parts that you can just replace or fix. Mount Wrecking Company recommends you get auto parts from providers offering a warranty.

On the other hand, if there are major repairs needed, a complete overhaul is necessary. When you replace major parts – rings, piston, bearings, valves, oil pump, etc. – with new car parts, the engine is almost like brand new.

Understand the kind of repair your engine needs before deciding what to do with it. Getting a good mechanic or an auto shop to handle it could save you money in the end.