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Tips for Unloading Containers Safely

February 27, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Industrial crane loading a container on a cargo freight truckFreight containers are boxes that are as big as a house. Working around them can pose serious threats if workers are not properly and regularly trained on how to load and unload them. An automatic unloading system can be used to do the job faster and safer. Here are four more safety tips to prevent accidents from happening during the process.

Take safety precautions during container manoeuvring

Always be in the line of sight of the driver as he puts the container in place. Have a second person involved when marshalling the manoeuvre. Be sure to have proper lighting, traffic regulations, and extra mirrors for safer movement.

Open containers with care

Opening the containers should always be done by two people. If cargos are misplaced during transit, the doors may be under tension and can open suddenly, causing serious injury. Workers must be prepared for this all the time. If you are unloading chemicals, all workers must wear the proper protective gear.

Carefully release transport restraints

Restraints may hold the same tension as the doors as they hold down the cargo. Before releasing them, make sure the cargo is secure by inspecting the goods and its packaging. Make sure one cargo is completely out before releasing the restraint on the next.

Inspect unloading equipment and vehicles before the operation

Before even manoeuvring a container, all vehicles and equipment must pass all inspection tests to avoid any accidents. Platforms, ramps, and routes must be clear and properly set up to prevent accidents like falling cargo and running into other equipment.

In this industry, safety is of paramount importance. Make sure that safety rules and regulations are strictly implemented and followed. Regular training and expert supervision will make your loading and unloading process safer for your workers and more efficient for your business.