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Top 3 Benefits of Traveling on Your Health

January 24, 2018, Author: Tru Motor News

Happy Couple Driving on Country Road into the SunsetMost of us already know that chronic stress can negatively impact one’s overall health and mental well-being. Dealing with stress differs widely among different people, but more and more individuals are swearing by the benefits of traveling, as well as how it has helped them reduce stress.

Anyone who has traveled out of the country or even out of town will tell you that it brings about a certain level of happiness as it lets you get away from the stress of everyday life.

To maximize the feeling of relaxation during travels, many people choose to rent a sedan car from rental firms such as to explore and see the sights without being encumbered by strict and often-packed tour schedules.

If it’s been years since you took a leisurely trip away from home, it’s time to get moving. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of traveling.

Travel helps reduce stress levels

You may not realize the toll stress takes on your health until you find yourself needing a lifestyle change to combat its effects. Aside from eating healthy and exercising regularly, you can go traveling to your favorite destinations to reduce your stress levels.

This may not seem a viable solution to stress at first, but it’s been scientifically proven that traveling helps reduce the chance of depression, which can be triggered by constantly being busy. A study even found that many travelers feel well rested and invigorated after a three-day vacation.

This feeling of relaxation does not disappear after the vacation but can last for weeks.

Travel enhances brain health

Meeting new people and learning about their culture expands your mind. When you travel, you get away from your daily routine and experience new and exciting things. This, in turn, helps spark your creativity. According to studies, there is a strong connection between travel and creativity.

Take for example some of the most respected authors like Mark Twain and Ernest Hemingway who wrote novels that are inspired by their traveling experiences.

Their time in another country enabled them to expand their knowledge of various cultures, which they then used to write some of their most memorable works.

Travel will decrease your risk of heart disease

A study conducted by the U.S. Travel Association found that individuals who don’t take their vacations from work for years at a time are at a higher risk of having heart disease than those who take time to break from their stressors.

The study also showed that traveling could have immediate positive effects on health, as respondents report experiencing a decrease in anxiety during and after their vacation.

Happy travels!