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Top HVAC Upgrades to Improve Indoor Air Quality

November 16, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

An HVAC unit being repairedIn some settings, indoor air contains more pollutants than outdoor air. These include odors, moisture, and allergens along, with other air pollutants that accumulate to dangerous levels over time. An HVAC system can help improve the quality of your indoor air.

Many HVAC companies in Harrisburg, PA offer superior quality systems. Industry experts agree that there are some system upgrades that you can do to your existing or new HVAC system to improve indoor air quality. Here are some of them:

Air Filters

Air filters in HVAC systems and furnaces are a vital guard against particulates. Settle for air filters with MERV ratings of 8-12. These will allow sufficient air to pass through while still trapping pollutants. Air filers reduce allergens present in your indoor air and prevent respiratory diseases.

Air Cleaners

You can consider getting a portable air cleaner for a specific area or install it in your HVAC system to clean your entire house. The efficiency of air cleaners depends on how effectively it collects air contaminants and the amount of air it draws into its cleaning element. These are expressed as percentage efficiency rates and cubic feet per minute, respectively.

Humidity Control

High humidity levels make it easier to breathe and promote healthy sinuses. A whole house humidifier is a worthy investment, as it keeps your indoor air from getting excessively dry. HVAC service experts will help you determine the correct size for your home’s needs to ensure that you live comfortably and safely.

Ventilation of fresh air from your outdoors is also essential for a comfortable indoor environment. Mechanical ventilation systems ensure that only fresh air free of pollutants gets into your house without placing a compromise on the cooling and heating envelope. The HVAC system’s capacity, insulation, size, energy efficiency, and installation have an impact on your indoor air quality, so make sure you get them right.