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Uses of Precision Swiss Machining in Different Industries

October 4, 2016, Author: Tru Motor News

Precision Swiss MachiningPrecision Swiss products and machines are gaining popularity all over. The applications of these machines are varied and many in number. The Swiss style machining is absolutely necessary for precision products which include defense-related firing pins, medical devices and much more. The Swiss machines come with a number of advantages, including precision and proficiency.

Medical products

The Swiss machining equipment is largely used to produce medical devices and also their parts. The medical field is dependent on micro-precision and accuracy. This kind of precision is possible only with Swiss precision machining products. This kind of machining is great for the simplest of products and for the most complex geometries too, which is often felt necessary in the field of medical devices. The tolerance band is very low in some of the medical devices warranting accurate precision.

Defense-related products

Swiss machining is absolutely necessary for dust cover pins and firing pins used in military rifles. These rifles need extreme precision and some of the components require a tolerance band of 0.0005 inches in diameter. It is practically impossible to achieve this kind of tolerance band without Swiss precision machines and their technology. So all defense product manufacturing units have good use of this type of technology and equipment.

Buy or lease them

In some large industries this kind of precision equipment will have to be bought as there is a lot of precision work going on regularly. These setups are expensive, but when used constantly they prove profitable in the long run. Having your own machines ensures a seamless manufacturing process for components that require precision machining. These large industries, in fact, save a lot of money over time. If you need precision work to be done once in a while, then you can lease a machine or get a contract with a service provider. These machines will then come with a skilled operator; so you need not spend money on training your employees to use these sophisticated machines.

Clearly, it’s easier and cost effective to lease these machines unless the volumes are very high in which case purchasing would make absolute sense.