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Vehicle Lifts: Different Types for Different Needs

February 17, 2017, Author: Tru Motor News

Vehicle LiftIn general, car lifts come in either service lift or storage lift types. Storage lifts are good for fitting an additional vehicle into a tight workshop space, provided that it has enough height allowance. Service lifts, on the other hand, are developed for helping you work on vehicles. From these general lift categories, you could choose among the following car lifts:

1. 2-Post Vehicle Lifts with Arms – This is the most service lift type. It’s compact and offers great access to vehicles, including the brakes, tires, and wheels. However, the vehicle’s weight could only be balanced on two arms, meaning that if you’re removing the transmission, engine, or performing work that could later the vehicle’s weight balance, there’s a chance that it could fall off.

2. 4-Post Vehicle Lift with Ramps – The most common storage lift type, it offers remarkable stability and is developed for holding vehicles for a longer amount of time. However, you can’t simply work on the brakes, tires, or wheels without the use of a jack to support the ramp. You also have limited workspace because the ramps take up a significant amount of space.

3. Scissor Vehicle Lift – This is a mobile lift type that doesn’t require bolting down and is lighter than post lifts. You could simply place it on the floor; drive the vehicle on it and the lift would lift the vehicle using its scissor mechanism.

4. Portable Vehicle Lift – This is specially designed to for lifting smaller vehicles and mobile workshops as one or two people could transport it easily.

As you could see from above, you have plenty of considerations before choosing among the models of BendPak car lifts for sale.

Knowing the features you need to have, your workshop’s space limitations, the vehicles you commonly service, and how much you’re willing to spend could help determine the style of vehicle lift that fits your requirements.